belong ~ believe ~ become

BELONG ~ When you visit us at Friendship we want you to know that you belong here! Our motto is God is building “Friendship” one friend at a time! Our church is a gathering of friends who care about one another and realize that God has united us so that together we can live out this adventure we call the Christian life.

BELIEVE ~ Of course there are many places a person could go looking for friendship. But what is unique about “Friendship” is our relationships always include the greatest friend you could ever have…the Lord Jesus. When you repent of your sins and put your trust in Jesus and what He did on the cross for you, He gives you the free gift of eternal life. So if you have eternal life…and I have eternal life…then our friendship doesn’t have to end at a grave-side services, does it!

Jesus makes all the difference.

BECOME ~ There is no greater experience than having your sins forgiven and receiving the gift of eternal life. Wow! A perfectly clean slate. But being Born Again is just the beginning. Salvation is the door that opens to a whole new way of life. Jesus wants us to experience freedom from our old habits or lifestyles that only brought us pain and misery. There is a new person that God wants you and me to become and He will use the worship, teaching, and relationships you find at “Friendship” to bring about this wonderful transformation.

Welcome to Friendship!